Maesteg House Care Home is a detached house built in 1898 in its own mature gardens. This house was converted into a care home since a decade now. The home is situated on the southern side of Aberdare road and its junction with Harcourt road leading to the main town center.

  • Dr. Neelanjan Bhaduri (Managing Director)

Dr. Neelanjan Bhaduri qualified as clinical doctor in 1997. He has vast experience in Public Health and Healthcare Management. Whilst working as a surgeon, he has worked in the geriatric ward for 3 years as a public health specialist. Whilst working as public health specialist Dr. Bhaduri commissioned a falls clinic for over 65s in Basildon in 2005, which till date is operational. He has worked as a lead commissioner for childhood immunisation for NHS England in London. He has also worked as a senior civil servant within Public Health England in London before resigning in order to acquire the Maesteg House Care Home and start his new journey and dream of working and running his own care home.

  • Mrs. Melanie Cryer (Manager)

The home is led by Mrs. Melanie Cryer who has worked within the care industry for over 16 years now. She first started her career working at Aberpenner Court before a move to the Willows Nursing Home where she spent over 10 years as a senior care and in-house trainer and travelled around other homes within the Priory group to help them to meet their standards in training. She completed her Designated Safeguarding Officer Adults in 2012 and her Level 3 End of life Principles before going on to complete her QCF level 5 in Advanced Care in 2015. Melanie is registered with the Care Council of Wales. Melanie joined the team at Maesteg House Care Home in November 2016 after undertaking her QCF level 5 Managers Award which enables her to run the home.

  • Ms. Rachel Thompson (Deputy Manager)

Rachel has worked at Maesteg house for 8 years as a care assistant and took on the role as deputy manager in January 2017. Rachel has completed her NVQ level 2 & 3 health, social care and is now working towards her QCF level 5 management. Rachel oversees all the ordering and returning of medication and monitors all staff to ensure they all keep up to date with their training.


Maesteg house is a detached house built in 1898 and set in its own mature gardens. It was converted to a care home over 20 years ago. Access to the home is currently via a gated entrance on the side road or via a gate by the car park.

The home is situated on the southern side of Aberdare road and its junction with Harcourt road leading to the main town center. Local shops and leisure facilities are close by and are within walking distance.

Access to the house is currently from a gated entrance on the side road. The other entrance is via a gate by the car parking. The home is currently designed to provide care for 11 people. Fully furnished bedrooms are situated at ground and first floor, which are accessed via a staircase-lift with 24 hour emergency call system. All rooms have fire door alarms and emergency lighting which are tested weekly. Fire drills are carried out once a month. At Maesteg House, we encourage all members to personalise their rooms by making them a true "Home from Home". Maesteg house has a lovely backyard garden too.

Maesteg house offers personalised care in a warm, homely & friendly atmosphere for men and woman aged above18. We provide long term residential care and short-term respite care. Our care services are tailored around each individual to meet there specific needs and requirements. Families and partners are also encouraged to involve themselves with the Maesteg House as much as possible.

Admission in Maesteg House Care Home is very simple. Prior to admission every new person is encouraged to spend the day at Maesteg house, giving the management an opportunity to discuss their personal preferences& requirements. On admission we prepare a care plan for each resident which is reviewed on a monthly basis to ensure their needs are being met.


We aim to build a society where people are active, happy and socially coordinated. We want to make a community to improve the quality of life through emotional & supportive system.


  • Promote Prosperity
  • Strive for Perfection
  • Ensure Quality Living
  • Respect All
  • Keep Everybody Safe
  • Always Be Ready To Help


15+ professionally trained staff are employed at Maesteg House. The trainings are conducted on regular basis to keep their knowledge and ability up to date within the homes guidelines. All staff members are treated equally and are given the opportunity to develop their practice further if they wish to do so by doing additional training sought out by the manager or deputy manager. All staff at present have NVQ level 2, 5 staff members have level 3 with 3 staff working towards completing level 3 there are 2 staff members working towards their level 5.

There are comprehensive policies and procedures in place to ensure the best possible care is given. All staff are required to do there mandatory training and are required to be DBS checked prior to employment. They must undergo 3 months of training and induction before they actually get on board as a permanent member of staff.

Daily staffing levels at Maesteg house requires 2 staff members to work day shift 8am - 4pm, 2 staff members to work evening shift 4pm - 10pm and 2 staff members to work the night shift 10pm - 8am.

  • The manager is at the home Monday to Friday 7.30am till 4pm.
  • The cleaner works 9am - 1pm Monday to Friday.
  • The kitchen staff work 9am - 2pm and the evening 4.30pm - 6.30pm

Care staff is available and trained to prepare food for the residents when kitchen staff is not at work. On a daily basis all tasks are shared equally among all staff members but at times senior staff are allocated with specific tasks like doctors reviews, district nurse visit, medication audits and overseeing that all staff are following the correct oral hygiene procedures or not.